400 vehicles stranded as Mawa ferry ghats inundated

Over 400 vehicles including buses and trucks were stranded on Mawa-Kawrakandi route following heavy rainfall and rise of water level in the river Padma.

The water level in the river Padma rose 28 cm during last 24 hours inundating Kawrakandi ferry ghat no 2 and Mawa ferry ghat no 3. Other ghats were shifted to higher places.

Passengers from 21 districts of the southwestern region have been suffering a lot. Finding no other ways they are crossing the river by alternative water transports paying more fares.

As the ferry ghats became muddy, the ferries take about two hours for loading and unloading. Passengers and transport workers have been suffering from scarcity of drinking water, food and toilet facilities.
Transportation of vegetables and export items became uncertain as trucks were not being ferried during the last three days.

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