Coaching center dependent education in Munshiganj

It is unbelievable, but true that over 70 per cent students of Munshiganj upazila educational institutions are hostages in the hands of private tutors as the education system in the class room has collapsed.

There are allegations that a section of the teachers of schools and colleges have become so greedy of earning money and they have no attention on the students. They being attached with schools and colleges, but teaching the students at home in batches to earn money.

Coaching centres are found here and there even in the villages and the students are considering the easy way to be successful in examinations. The teachers do not give teaching in schools and colleges. Only they attend the schools and colleges, but take no classes seriously. The students of poor and middle class families are being deprived of teaching in the class rooms of the schools and colleges. One school teacher demanding anonymity said the teaching in the class rooms has collapsed.

He said the teachers are more interested to tech students in coaching centres at home. So, the students who are unable to bear coaching costs, they are being deprived of teachings.

Moreover, there are allegations that the students, who takes coaching classes, they good marks in examinations. The teachers adapt different techniques, which force the students to take coaching classes.

The guardians of the students demand to authorities to free them such a situation and return a congenial atmosphere for education in the district.

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