Hamidullah hits back at Sajeda over Zia’s role in liberation war

BNP leader Hamidullah Khan on Saturday hit back at Awami League presidium member Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury over her statement that Ziaur Rahman ‘did not fight’ in the liberation war in 1971.

In a press briefing at BNP’s central office in the afternoon, Wing Commander (retd) Hamidullah in a written statement said Zia had started the fight the moment he declared revolt saying “We’ve Revolted” on the night of March 25.

Hamidullah also mentioned some descriptions of battles Ziaur Rahman had fought against the Pakistani occupation forces and his role in forming different sectors and forces for fighting the independence war.

Referring to Sajeda’s recent remarks published in different dailies that Zia did not fight the liberation war and the nation needs to be informed when and where Zia had actually fought the war, Hamidullah said it is really indecent to comment over war-related matters of Zia as Sajeda was staying in Kolkata during the war.

Hamidullah, who claimed that he carried out the duty of sector commander of sector 11 for a few days at the fag end of the war, said Zia had first made two Pakistani Naval officers and six Naval soldiers surrender and handed them over to his soldiers. “Zia himself taking the jeep of commanding officer disposed of Lt Col Zanjua by bringing him out of house,” he said.

Making more pointed references, Hamidullah said Zia and his force fought battles at Kumira and Kalurghat in Chittagong and war in Sylhet region.

Hamidullah said Zia had been subjected to jealousy of Awami League leaders as he made the call to the directionless nation to join the liberation war.

He said the intensity of conspiracy to kill Zia was so deep that Col Osmani directed Zia to go to Teldhala of Meghalaya transferring him from sector No 1. “But, Zia raised objection to it and stayed at sector 1 till June 10 as sector commander.”

He said Zia had formed sector No 11, eight sub-sectors as well as Z Force. The area of sector 11 covered the entire Mymensingh, Tangail, Kurigram, Gaibandha and Rowmari.

Hamidullah mentioned about the transferring of commandership of sector No 11 to Maj Taher and him.

BNP office secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi was also present at the press briefing.

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