As I remember Bangabandhu

Kazi Liakat Hossain
It was in the year 1968 when Bangabandhu was released fro so-called Agartala Conspiracy Case. It was like a miracle when I met this giant political leader, founder and architect of independent Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. When I was a college student, I used to hear his voice through radio and saw the picture in print media. But I did not see him face to face before.

In the same year perhaps in the month of March/April-1969, my first cousin married daughter of Mir Ashrafuddin Makhan. In that marriage ceremony Bangabandhu was invited with his family. Let me introduce late Mir Ashrafuddin. He happens to be husband of Bangabandhu’s own niece (Bhagni) Mrs Makhan. It is interesting to note that her nickname was also Makhan. Bangabandhu came to attend the marriage ceremony of his grand-daughter Mukta (daughter of Bangabandhu’s niece). Late Mir Ashrafuddin and Bangabandhu used to study in Kolkata Islamia College and lived in the Muslim Bekar Hostel. Mir Ashrafuddin Makhan hails from the village Mirapara, Rampal, Munshigonj. His two sons-in-law were D.C Comilla and D.C Pabna and they were promoted to the rank of joint secretaries, Govt. of Bangladesh, namely late Chowdhury Golam Mawla of Shipchar, Madaripur and Mahbubur Rahman of Chandpur. Another son-in-law was late Anwarul Huq Macik who was sales manager of Pfizer, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Other relatives of Mir Ashraf are late Barrister Kazi Ahmed Kamal and Nayeem Gahar. Late Kazi Kamal was also Hostel mate of Bangabandhu at Bekar Hostel, Kolkata. He was student of Presidency College. Bangabandhu, Mir Ashraf and Kazi Kamal- they were very close friends. They were called by their classmates ” Tri Ratna” (three gems).

Let us come to our main discussion, how I met this legendary personality Bangabandhu ..

Both the bride and bridegroom are my (writer’s) relatives; the bridegroom was younger brother of a reputed poet and lyricist Nayeem Gahar.

All close relatives attended the function. I was loitering near the narrow lane (Gali) at Arambagh, the time was near about 1.30pm. I found an old white Toyota car stopping just near to me.

I was very excited having seen Bangabandhu (though he was not given the title Bangabandhu at that time) getting down from the car and look right and left. I immediately understood, Sheikh

Mujibur Rahman had come to attend the marriage ceremony of grand-daughter i,e the daughter of Mir Ashrafuddin Makhan. I quickly approached to him (Bangabandhu) and asked him whether he had come to attend the social function of Mir Ashrafuddin. He (Bangabandhu) promptly replied “Oh! Yes, where is the residence of Mir Ashrafuddin? Lead me up to his residence”. Bangabandhu was wearing a traditional dress white Panjabi and white pyjama (Trouser) and holding his long-practiced pipe in his left hand and wearing a pair of black spectacles. He was smiling and asking me the whereabouts of Mir Ashraf. I also boldly and promptly threw a question. “How could I dare to lead a personality like you? You are leading Bangalee nation.” He did not tell me anything but he threw a sweet smile towards me. This wonderful smiling face still flashes in my mind’s eye. Whenever I remember him, I cannot control my tears. Anyway, I showed him the path and led him to Mir Ashraf’s residence. Kazi Kamal and Nayeem Gahar were also present; he (Bangabandhu) hugged with them and exchanged greetings.

The nation is going to observe Mourning Day today on 15, August 2009. Bangabandhu’s contributions to the history of the Bangalee nation is unparalleled. Bangabandhu led Bangali nation to Independence through indomitable courage, unparalleled patriotism, unbelievable farsightedness and dynamic leadership, ignoring fears of death threats of the gallows.

Killers of Bangabandhu should be brought to book without delay.

“Death is the golden key that opens the palace of eternity”


May his soul rest his soul in peace!

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