Lalon songs, under the banyan canopy

lalonTuntun Baul performs at the ‘Shadhu Shango’ in Munshiganj.
Two-day Shadhu Shango at Munshiganj ends
To uphold Fakir Lalon Shai’s philosophy, programmes — formally known as ‘Shadhu Shango’ to his followers — take place all over the country round the year. Recently, such a programme was held at Tekerhaat, Shirajdikhan under Munshiganj district. The programme was titled “Lalon Shai Bat-tala Madhu Purnima Shadhu Shango 1416.”

The main objective of a ‘Shadhu Shango’ is discussion of Lalon’s ‘tatwa’ (philosophy) and exchange of views among his disciples; highlight remains the timeless songs composed by the bard. According to different researches, Lalon himself used to arrange such congregations every year during his lifetime. Disciples from all over the country including Kushtia and Meherpur as well as from India took part at the Munshiganj programme this year.

The two-day programme started on October 5 through arrival of sadhus from different parts of the country. A music institution, named Lalon Sangeet School was also inaugurated on the first day of the event. Among others, renowned folk researcher Abul Ahsan Chowdhury, beautician Kaniz Almas Khan, and Darbesh Nazir Shah were present at the inauguration of the school.

Usually a ‘Shadhu Shango’ comprises several sessions such as ‘adhibash,’ ‘guru-karmo,’ renditions of ‘guru dainya gaan’ and renditions of ‘goshthya gaan’.

At the programme in Munshiganj, bauls followed this these traditions to attain mysticism.

Darbesh Nazir Shah, Razzaq Baul, Tuntun Baul, Taqbir Hossain, Rob Fakir, Shamir Baul, Ramzan Fakir, Buri Fakirani, Aklima Fakirani, Pagla Babul and young singer Rinku, among others, sang and discussed the philosophy of Lalon Shai at the programme.

Darbesh Shadhon Fakir and his troupe from India also took part in the programme and rendered Lalon’s songs.

This is the fourth time that ‘Shadhu Shango’ was held at the venue.

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