Road accident sparks off vandalism

Killing of a Saudi expatriate in a road accident sparked off vandalism by mob, who damaged vehicles and blocked traffic movement at Abdullahpur Bhawar Bhiti in Keraniganj upazila of Dhaka district Sunday.

The deceased was identified as Nuruzzaman, 40, a resident of Daria village of Keraniganj upazila. He came to Bangladesh recently and scheduled to leave for Saudi Arabia next week.

Police said motorcyclist Nuruzzaman, 40, died on the spot as a bus rammed into his motorbike at about 1pm.

Angered by the accident, local people damaged different vehicles and put up barricade on Dhaka-Mawa highway, halting traffic movement for three hours.

The mob ransacked over 100 vehicles in areas spreading from Nimtali in Sirajdi Khan upazila here to Abdullahpur in Keraniganj.


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