Shombhu Acharya: Scrolling legends

Ershad Kamol
Scroll painter Shombhu Acharya is the only successor of a rich family tradition that has been nurturing and practicing the traditional scroll painting form called Gazir Pat for over 400 years. He represents the ninth generation of the tradition.

Shombhu makes colours from natural elements and follows some unique forms and patterns. His scroll paintings have been exhibited in different art galleries in Dhaka and London. His motifs embodies the natural and cultural ethos of Bangladesh.

In an interview with The Daily Star Online on the Bangla Yew Year’s eve, Shombhu Acharya talks on the heritage of traditional Gazir Pat art form that is interlinked with the festivity and prosperity of the rural society.

“Based on the stories depicted in scroll paintings made by my family members, traditional singers render songs on the legendary Gazi Pir during harvest and rural celebrations such as Pahela Baishakh, he Shambhu says.

“However, the art form is decaying due to a change in the socio-economic condition of rural life,” he says, “Poverty has forced traditional singers to choose some other occupations. Even my scroll painting style is different from my ancestors.”

Shombhu Acharya demands proper preservation and patronisation of the traditional art forms in Bangladesh.

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