'Healer' held after news report

Police arrested a “spiritual healer” in a Munshiganj village on Monday following a newspaper report with accompanying images depicting his questionable healing methods.

Sirajdikhan police chief Motiur Rahman told bdnews24.com that they had arrested the faith healer Amzad Fakir, known locally as a “spiritual guide”, after the daily Prothom Alo reported on his various “treatment methods”.

The images show the man swirling two infant twins aged two and a half months and clubbing a mentally deranged woman in the name of “driving away evil spirits”.

Totka or faith healing by pirs and fakirs is still practiced in parts of Bangladesh. Other types of traditional or folk medicine, provided by traditional birth attendants, village ‘doctors’, and Ayurvedic, herbal or homeopathic remedies, are more widespread, though even in rural areas the preference is for modern allopathic medicine.

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