'Padma bridge by 2013'

Communication minister Syed Abul Hossain has said that the Padma bridge will be complete by 2013.

The minister told a press conference on Tuesday that instructions of lending agencies regarding bridge construction will be strictly followed.

The government announced last December that the bridge would cost an estimated $2.4 billion, of which the World Bank is expected to provide $1.2 billion, the Asian Development Bank $ 550 million, Islamic Development Bank $120 million and Japan International Cooperation Agency $300 million.

Abu Dhabi Development Group will also lend $31 million.

The remaining $140 million are expected to be raised domestically through bonds.

The bridge design has already been finalised and relocation of 15,000 families has started.

The minister added that the bidding process for construction of the Padma bridge will end on June 8.

“The contract will be finalised by October,” he said. He added that construction will start from December.


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