Khaleda demands government of exemplary punishment to Jubodal activist Akbar killers

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia Thursday asked the government to show democratic behavior rising above narrow organizational interests and immediately give exemplary punishment to the killers of Jubodal activist Akbar Hossain for the interest of keeping political continuation intact.

In a statement Khaleda strongly condemned and protested the barbaric killing of Akbar Hossain, organizing secretary of Jubodal Mirkadim ourashava unit of Munshiganj district, by armed attack of Awami eague terrorists on his way to join the Paltan Maidan grand rally on Wednesday.

She said as the AL government does not believe in democracy, it leta loose its armed cadres on the political activities of the opposition, n the struggle of their fundamental and human rights, meetings and allies and created a horrendous situation by killing and kidnapping opposition activists.


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