National Mass Inquiry Commission to publicly try 1/11 actors, says Maudud

BNP leader Barrister Maudud Ahmed on Sunday said that a National Mass Inquiry Commission (NMIC) will be formed soon with representatives of different professional groups to publicly try six actors of 1/11 “illegal” caretaker government.

The six actors are: Former army chief Gen (retd) Moeen U Ahmed, former chief advisor Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed, Lt Gen Masud Uddin Chowdhury, ex-Home Advisor Maj Gen (retd) Abdul Matin, Maj Gen (forced retd) Amin, and Brig Gen Bari who was called back from Bangladesh Mission in Washington but did not return.

Addressing a press conference at his Motijheel chamber, Maudud said all the six will be put on `mass trial’ for unconstitutionally ruling the country causing harm to the national interest.

He said the planned NMIC will not be formed under any political party’s banner. The mode of the NMIC and its terms of reference will be determined soon through discussions with cross-sections of people and leaders of professional groups – teachers, engineers, businessmen, former judges, legal experts and journalists.

Maudud said the NMIC will be set up as the present government does not want to hold trial of the main actors of the 1/11 emergency government. Awami League has come to power with their support, he alleged.

He said primarily, the NMIC will examine how the last caretaker government violated the Constitution, identify the economic and social sectors that suffered during its rule, and also see how it damaged politics, politicians and political institutions in the name of anti-corruption drive.

The BNP leader said the NMIC will also find out data and information of violation of human rights, torture on people, injustice, killing, arrest, torture on remand and killing in police custody during the
last caretaker government.

Replying to a question, Maudud, former Law Minister of the previous BNP government, said he wants to remain as a lawyer of the planned NMIC, not as BNP leader.

Though pressed hard, he would not say the possible date of setting up the NMIC. “It would be formed soon,” he told reporters.

Replying to a query, he said ex-judges will also remain on the NIMC.

Moudud said the matter will be dealt with seriously and methodically to set up an instance so that the country is not placed under such unconstitutional rule in the future.

He said the present government, after assuming power, had pledged that it will publish a white paper on the activities of the last caretaker government but till date no such initiative has been taken.

Maudud said that when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina disclosed in parliament that the last caretaker government had planned to kill her by slow poisoning, the nation had expected that the PM will take
steps for the trial of those who were involved in such a conspiracy to kill her.

He said the demand for trying the six persons was raised from a grand rally of lawyers (pro-BNP) held recently in the capital. Besides, people from all spheres of society also manifested such aspiration at the BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s grand rallies at the divisional HQs.


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