Tough law on cards to punish offenders

Road Accidents
The government has moved to make a law styled as Road Transport &Traffic Act ensuring provision for stringent punishment to those responsible for a road accident, Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain told the House yesterday.

He said the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1983 and the penal codes do not award major punishment to the people behind fatal road accidents.

“Therefore, the government has taken measures to make a new law by updating the motor vehicle ordinance,” the minister added while replying to lawmakers’ queries.

He said the government has reconstituted the 32-member national road safety council and taken various initiatives to reduce road crashes. Short films would be shown on different television channels to create awareness on road safety and traffic rules.

The minister said construction of the Padma Bridge would kick off from December on appointment of a contractor for the task. The bridge is expected to be opened for traffic by 2013.

The prime minister would soon open the second Shitalakkhya Bridge as its construction has already been completed, added the communications minister.

On reorganising the railway the minister said a scheme titled Bangladesh Railway Reform Project has been taken.


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