Baba Adam Mosque

This is another archaeological mosque from Bangladesh. This time this one is from Munshiganj District. This is located at the village “Koshba” of “Rekabi Bazar” union of Munshiganj. This mosque is also known as “Baba Adam Shahi Moshjid”.

Its a six domes mosque made during 1483, by someone named “Malik Kafur” during the ruling period of “Sultan Fateh Shah”. The measurement of the mosque is 10m x 3.75m, and the wall of the mosque is 2 meter thick. The mosque has 6 domes at two rows.

There is a grave of a saint of muslim named “Baba Adam” just beside the mosque. Its heard from the people that, during the ruling period of Ballal Sen, “Baba Adam” came to that place to spread the religion Islam. But “Baba Adam” was killed by the order of “Ballal Sen”, and he was buried here later on.

Source: icwow

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  1. May be this mosque was not built by King Ballal Sen.

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