Rampal Dighi and Ballal Sen’s house

Now its time to move towards the second attraction of Munshiganj district. Its almost raining. I have hired a rickshaw and instructed him to reach at the Rampal Dighi.

This dighi is just near at the “Rampal College”, if you find that the rickshaw puller doesn’t know the “Rampal Dighi”, then just ask him to take you near the “Rampal College”. Remember, Rampal is another union of the “Munshiganj Sadar Upazila”. It will take around 30 to 40 minutes to reach that place.

When I have reached there, I didn’t find any sign of the Dighi(large pond). Then just asked the local people about the Dighi, and they have shown me a green field and that was the Rampal Dighi.

Believe, I didn’t want to trust those people. How come a vast Dighi can become a green field. So I moved closer to the place, and noticed that, every side of the Dighi is occupied with Jute plants, and inside the water of the Dighi, its covered with hyacinths and other types of water plants. Thats why it appeared like a green field to me.

You can see some mark of water inside the green fields. Actually the water is under the green water plants, thats why it seems hard for you to find the Rampaal Dighi.

At the northern part of the Dighi, it supposed to be a House of Ballal Sen, who was the ruler of the Munshiganj(formarly Vikrampur), and that was the guy who dug the pond to ease the water crisis of local people. But my pity was, I failed to locate that house. May be that was just vanished by the time.

So friends, its up to you whether you’ll visit the Rampal Dighi and the Balla Sen’s house or not. I have just shared my experience with you. By the way, the rickshaw journey from the Munshiganj town to the Rampal was extraordinary. It was really marvelous to watch green field all around you.

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