Idrakpur Fort

For this weekend I have chosen the district Munshiganj. This is not that much far way from the capital city Dhaka. It was a gloomy day, and for the first time I have got such a pleasant day for my tour. I have reached the town from Dhaka before 10 at morning.

Main gate of the fort

Second gate of the fort to get at the top

Munshiganj district doesn’t have that much attractive places according to the blogs from internet or something like that. But I think you can visit the district, it has some lovely places to travel. You can find all about from my blog.

Inside the fort, this is the alternate way to get to the down side

Now come to the main topic. Idrakpur fort war built by “Mir Jumla” during 1660 and that time river “Ichhamati” was almost near to the fort, which now a days changed its course. This fort is almost smaller than the Hajiganj and Shonakanda fort of Narayanganj.

Base of the fort from far side

The size of the fort is 82mx72m a rectangular shape. It was built to protect the Dhaka, Narayanganj and this area from the attack of the “Mag Pirates” and Portuguese for plundering.

The stairs that will lead you to the top

This highly built fort has a round shaped bastion at each corner of the fort. To throw the cannon balls, or shot the guns, the fort has some rectangular holes inside the wall of it.

Inside the fort boundary

The main gate of the fort is at the North side. Inside the fort premises, it has a small pond. During 1949 government has declared the fort as a Archaeological object of Bangladesh.

But I think bangladesh government can make this place a bit more attractive for the tourists and the travelers. At the top of the fort, government has placed some small houses to accommodate the families of the 3rd grade employees of the country.

The holes inside the fort for shoting the enemies

I think shifting those houses will make the place more beautiful. Cause its a bit harder to move the place freely for the people inside the house. In fact I felt like I embarrassed them by my presence. I don’t know when the government will realize this.

source: icwow

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