Fegnasar Shiva Temple

I had some unfinished task from Munshiganj district last weekend. So for once again I need to visit the place to cover the rest of the part. Today I have started my expedition from the “Serajdikhan” Thana. And my first spot was “Fegnasar Shiva Mondir”(Some people say this as Fegunasar).

This Fegnasar village is located at Taltola. You can reach the taltola using bus directly from Serajdikhan. Or you can take a CNG auto rickshaw. By the way, there few bus service available from Fulbari of Gulstan, that will take you directly at Serajdikhan. Also you can take bus of Mawa, and get down at Nimtola stoppage, and from there you can reach at Serajdikhan.

Inside the temple, there is a large “Shiva Linga”(Phallus) placed. When i have reached there, it was closed. But during the noon, people used to pray at the temple. According to the local people, this is the largest phallus from South India(not true, cause largest one is located at Faridpur District). Just about 100 meter away, there is a branch of Dhaleswari river flowing. You can visit the river if you want.

source: icwow

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