Shanti Babur Barir Moth

“Shanti Babur Barir Moth” is located at the village Tajpur(Shouth) fromm Serajdikhan. It will not take that much time to reach the moth from Serajdikhan bazar.

This moth is also known as “Kankata De Moth”(kankata means without ear). The reason behind the peculiar name is, “Mr. Shanti Ranjan Babu” had only one ear, and another one lost accidentally. Local people used to believe that his ear was lost after a fight with a giant from water.

Anyway, there are three temple placed side by side. And three of them are different in size. One is much taller, and other one is medium, and the last one is smallest. It means that father, mother, and son.

This math was built around 100 years back. It has a large pond just in front of it. The guy mr. shanti babu was killed for without any reason.

source: icwow

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