Arail Beel

The “Arail Beel” is just near at the “Shayamshaiddhi Moth”. This is located at ShayamShiddhi union of Sreenagar Thana. Since the rainy season is just started, the water of the beel is about to raising up.

Its a lovely view to watch the vast water field which are comprises of different kinds of water plants. Also the you’ll find small islands at the middle of the water.

The water of the beel is not that much depth right now, but still I have seen lots of boats are passing through the water. I think they were harvesting something from the water plants. Not sure what was that.

This is a lovely place to pass your afternoon with friends. I think an “Adda” with friends will be a great here. Specially when every one is sitting just beside the roads, facing the water of the beels. The Arial Beel is simply a love place for nature lovers.

source: icwow

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