Father-in-law tells his story

‘Suicide’ of Mother, 2 Kids
Journalist Shafiqul Kabir and three members of his family are brought to a court in the city yesterday in connection with the death of Farzana Kabir Rita and her two children.Photo: STAR

Shafiqul Kabir at Rab headquarters confessed to the misbehaviour and attempts to dislodge Farzana Akter Rita from her only shelter, which might have caused the deaths of the mother and two children in Jurain.

On Monday night, he told Rab that Farzana got very upset in the first week of May when she heard the news of Smriti’s pregnancy. Smriti is the second wife of her husband Rashedul Kabir.

According to Chief of Rab intelligence wing Lt Col Ziaul Ahsan, Shafiqul said Farzana sought help from her parents-in-law for getting her husband back but the family favoured Rashedul, which led to a series of altercations that week.

Amid such situation, in presence of police and Farzana’s relatives they forced her to sign an agreement on her leaving the house by June 30, he added.

Rashedul left house after he married Smriti in 2008 without their consent, but at times he used to come and put pressure on Farzana to evacuate the house so that he could move in with Smriti, Shafiqul said.

Detectives yesterday produced Shafiqul Kabir, his wife Noor Banu, their daughters Sukhon and Kabita and Kabita’s husband Delwar Hossain Patwari before a Dhaka court. The court placed each of them on three-day remand.

Investigation officer of the case Sheikh Mahbubur Rahman in the remand forwarding said the arrestees needed to be interrogated to unearth the reasons behind the deaths and to arrest other two accused Rashedul and Smriti.

He said that mysteriously none of the Farzana’s in-laws passed the night in the building on June 9, the day the tragedy took place, although Sukhon and her daughter were to stay on the ground floor of the three-storey building as Shafiqul and Noor Banu went to village.

Deputy Commissioner of the Detective Branch of police Monirul Islam said they are also investigating the “coincidence” of the in-laws not spending that night in the house.

Farzana’s mother on June 11 filed a case with Kadamtoli Police Station against eight people including driver Al Amin under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act.


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