OC suspended, ASP withdrawn for deadly shooting

Two police officers have been relieved of their duties following the death of a fisherman in Munshiganj in police shooting.

District superintendent of police (SP) Shafiqul Islam said on Friday that Mizanur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Sirajdikhan police station, had been suspended and Saifuzzaman Faruk, assistant SP of Srinagar, was withdrawn after preliminary investigation found them responsible for the tragedy.

A one-member committee, with Srinagr additional SP Saiful Islam, has been formed to further investigate the fisherman’s death.

The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday night after the police fired teargas and bullets to disperse demonstrators in which the fisherman, Moslem Uddin, 32, was killed and two others injured.

The demonstrators were protesting the death of a student of Adarsha Pilot School in a road accident on Wednesday.

The administration had promised to build a speed-breaker at Kuchiamora along the Dhaka-Mawa highway following the student’s death.

Local people and fellow students blocked the highway on Thursday after the authorities failed to put up hump that caused the accident.

The police filed a case against about 2500 unnamed people for staging the demonstration.


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