Training the drivers

I was very delighted to see a news that a workshop was held at Kuchia Mora field near Dhaka Mawa High Road of Serajdikhan Upazila on 9th July under sponsorship of Munshiganj Police authority for training of the drivers.

The steps taken by the Police authority of Munshiganj Upazila at Serajdikhan was really commendable and praiseworthy in the backdrop of so many accidents being occurred in the various areas of the country including Dhaka city and for which valuable lives are being lost and so many families are being affected financially due to loss of the earning members not to speak of losing their most near and dear ones.

This example of holding workshop to train the drivers of bus, mini bus, trucks and other vehicles was long due. The drivers while driving vehicles must be aware of their rules and regulations, be alert about their responsibilities in the road, avoid rash driving, make no hurry and overtake others and must strictly follow speed limit as described by Transport and Police authorities. Drivers for saving their time should not violate rules and kill people.

Speed of the buses, trucks and other vehicles must be controlled and the transport authority should see to it and instantaneously fine the concerned vehicle and take proper step against the speed limit breaker. Automatic system should be introduced for detection of speed limit breaking like other countries of the world.

Ilias Kanchan, the film star who lost his loved wife launched movement for ‘Nirapad Sarak’ for which he is also working much for this way or that way which is admirable.

We cannot allow our people to die for no cause of them.

We hope that other police authorities will also take similar steps to remind the drivers of the buses, trucks, mini buses, and other vehicles of their responsibilities, rules of speed and other technicalities of driving vehicles and also make them alert about prescribed rules for minimising accidents.

The Home Ministry should really be sensitive and responsible to the problem-they should not turn the highways as the quick killer. They must make it safe for free movement of all.

Nasrul Huq Chowdhury
Estaton, Dhaka

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