Spice loans from Nov

Bangladesh Bank will disburse country-wide loans from November for spice production through state-owned banks.

“Every year, the government has to import spices worth Tk 25 billion. We will be disbursing loans to boost spice production and meet the demand internally. We will be publishing advertisements about the loans soon,” central bank governor Atiur Rahman said.

He was addressing the inauguration of ‘Sripur Biogas Village’, a project of ‘Trust Sufala Bangladesh’, at Dhaladia College premises at Sripur Upazila in Gazipur on Saturday noon.

The governor said that the government will soon be launching environment friendly banks, characterised by less space and lesser manpower.

“The banking activities will be conducted by laptops and mobile phones. We will introduce country-wide electronic-banking systems and reduce paper consumption.”

Rahman claimed that the realisation of loans is the most difficult part of the process and said, “Loan defaulters are a shame for the society and nation.”

The governor toured the biogas and compost fertiliser production projects commercially set up by 10 families at Gazaria village.

Rahman said that it was possible to produce 4.8 billion cubic metres of biogas with six million farms across the country, with four cows each. The farms could also produce 117 million tonnes of organic fertiliser, five million tonnes of vermicompost, 17 billion litres of milk and one million tonne of meat in a year.

Moreover, the BB governor said that at least 12 million villagers can be employed in these farms.


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