Sadhushanga at Munshiganj

Observing the 120th death anniversary of Fakir Lalon Shah, a two-day ‘Sadhushanga’ (where the baul-fakirs interact) titled ‘ Lalon Shah Bottala Madhu Purnima Sadhushanga’ has been arranged at Sirajdikhan of Munshiganj district on October 22 and 23, says a press release. Organised by Padmahem Dham, an organization of baul singers, the event will be attended by baul artistes of both Bangladesh and West Bengal of India.

Darbesh Nahir Shah, Tuntun Baul, Rob Baul, Anusheh Anadil, SAumi, Rinku, Bajlu Shah along with many others from Bangladesh are the bauls to perform at the two day programme. Among the Indian artistes, Khijmat Fkir, Samrat Baul, Dilip Das, Sumanta Baul and Bhajan Das are likely to join the event.

The programme will start at 3pm on October 22 and continue till the late night of October 23. The main event featuring songs by Lalon shah will be start at 8pm each day. Member of the parliament Sukumar Ranjan Ghosh is likely to inaugurate the event.

The fifth arrangement of such Sadhushanga in Munshiganj, the event will be open for all. These year’s theme has been taken from the celebrated Lalon song ‘Emon manob janom ar ki hobe/ Mon ja karo, twaray karo e bhobe’, which urges to do something meaningful to transcendent the transient human life. ‘Aimed at spreading the messages of Lalon songs among the mass, this years programme will be also successful like the previous years,’ said one of the convenors of the event, Kabir Hossain.

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