New sculpture in Munshiganj resembles Sabash Bangladesh

Jahangir Hossain Akash
The under construction sculpture at the Super Market area of Munshiganj town that pays tribute to the freedom fighter of the War of Independence, has a notorious resemblance with Rajshahi University’s famous sculpture titled ‘Sabash Bangladesh’ by noted sculptor Nitun Kundu.

Alleging the lack of proper scrutiny, transparency and regularity, artists and intellectuals of Munshiganj have called for a halt of construction works.

They have also requested the authority concern to change the model ensuring the authenticity and creativity of the new sculpture.

In 1997, Sentu Sarker submitted a model for this sculpture which was not accepted as it was a copy of Aparajaya Bangla at Dhaka University. This year, Bindu Sarker submitted the present model which is allegedly a copy of Sabash Banglasesh.

The students of fine arts have recently placed a memorandum to the deputy commissioner of Munshiganj to take necessary action against such forgery.

‘The sculpture under construction is no doubt a copy of Sabash Banglasesh,’ said Abdus Sattar Manik, convener of Munshiganj’s Association of Fine Artists, ‘The main figure of the sculpture is as like as Sabash Banglasesh. Any one can understand it easily if he looks at it. Only the dais is a bit different from Sabash Banglasesh.’

However, the deputy commissioner Azizul Alam, said, ‘It is a matter of Munshiganj municipality authority. I have nothing to do.’

Sources said Messer’s Kamal Traders under the supervision of Munshiganj Municipality, is doing the construction works of the sculpture costing over 20 lakh. As per the schedule, the construction should be completed by October 30 this year, however, only the piling has been completed so far.

Mayor, Munshiganj Municipality, Advocate Mujibur Rahaman has selected the model without any approval from any fine art expert or even not calling a tender.

When contacted, Mujibur Rahaman said, ‘If the protesters have proof that the sculpture is indeed a copy of Sabash Banglasesh, they should complain to Rajshahi University Authority to take necessary action.’

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