No further violence: Shahara

Home minister Shahara Khatun has warned in parliament that the government will take stringent measures to stop the recurrence of incidents that took place in Munshiganj’s Arial Beel over the construction of an airport there.

The minister issued the warning while making a statement on urgent public matters under rule 300 of the rules of procedure on Wednesday.

She said ‘a vested quarter’ instigated the local people by providing wrong information against the proposed airport and provoked a few unruly people to go berserk.

The minister said such incident was aimed at tarnishing the image of the country and the government, which had been in the path of ensuring development.

“A particular quarter is out to mislead people to derail the development activities of the government. As part of it, on Jan 31, the group employed some unruly people to obstruct a highway in the name of forming a human chain,” Sahara told the House.

The unruly people, equipped with firearms, sharp weapons, sticks and others, attacked on-duty police officers, killing S I Motiur Rahman and injuring 10 other policemen.

They also burned a police outpost and ransacked shops along the Dhaka-Mawa highway.

“The local people were protected from a greater damage due to patience, dedication and bravery of the policemen while facing the terrorism, rampage and arson attacks,” said Shahara.

“This type of barbaric, inhuman attack on the police hurt people,” she said.

She said the police had already arrested 20 people in this connection.

“This type of criminal activities stand in the way of attaining the country’s stability and democratic evolution,” said the minister adding that the government would find out the culprits.

“Stringent legal measures will be taken to stop repetition of such incident,” said the minister.

The people of Arial Beel in Munshiganj district took to the streets protesting the government decision to build an airport on the wetland on which people depend on for living.

The main opposition BNP extended its support to the agitating people and demanded that the government cancel the Tk 500-billion project. The government filed a case against leader of the opposition Khaleda Zia for instigating the movement.


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