Plan to widen 3 roads to cut mishap

Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain yesterday said the government took a plan to widen and straighten three roads connecting Dhaka and Bhanga; Faridpur and Barisal; and Joydevpur and Hatikamrul to reduce accidents and improve transportation network.

The construction would hopefully begin by 2012, he said while speaking at an inaugural session of a workshop titled “Feasibility study for preparing priority roads project” at a city hotel.

Roads and Highway Department organised the workshop and the feasibility study was done by Asian Development Bank (ADB).

He said opinion of experts would be taken on the study and then donor agencies would be asked for funds as the recent budgetary allocation for the ministry did not meet the ministry’s expectation.

Mentionable, length of Dhaka-Mawa-Bhanga road is 60 kilometre (km), Faridpur-Barisal road is 128 km and Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail-Hatikamrul road is 110 km.

The project also aims at linking Jamuna Bridge and the proposd Padma Bridge to the network, he said.

The minister opposed the study’s report on Barisal-Faridpur road where it mentioned that it is not possible to upgrade it to four lanes before 2016.

He said the four lanes would drastically reduce the number of accidents and facilitate transportation of goods.

The minister said the study was prepared keeping in mind the need to enhance transport efficiency and safety of traffic flow and pedestrians, particularly during rush hours.

Mozammel Haque Khan, secretary of Roads Division of the ministry; Sitangshu Bikash Saha, the project’s director; and Lee Ming Tai, ADB project officer; addressed the workshop.


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