People’s plight up as bus strike on in Munshiganj

The commuters of Dhaka-Munshiganj route have been put to serious problems following indefinite strike enforced by transport owners since Wednesday last. The bus operators have taken the decision as ditches and pot holes have been developed on about eight kilometers of road between Dhaka-Narayanganj-Munshiganj due mainly to indifference of the authorities. The commuters have to spend extra money using alternative modes of transport to reach their destinations. The pitiable condition of the road has become further worse following torrential rains during the last couple of weeks, according to some eye witnesses.

The condition of the road at different points like Durgabari of Munsiganj Sadar, petrol pump, Fakirbari of Syedpur, Narayanganj, Mandalbari and Kashipur beggars description. Some people have chosen riverine vessels to travel between Dhaka and Munhiganj which requires much longer time to travel. Commuters were seen traveling for Tk. 80 each from Mukterpur to Postogola in Dhaka. The commuters drew the attention of authorities for their attention for quick repair of the dilapidated roads so that people could reach their dear and near ones during the Eid festival.


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