Rail communication for Munshiganj

After four decades of independence the government has realised that rail communication needs to be expanded and modernised in Bangladesh. Transportation of passengers as well as goods is less costly, faster and safer by train. Bangladesh has rail communication from the capital Dhaka to Narayanganj, but not up to Munshiganj which is one-and-a-half hours by road from Dhaka.

If the railroad extends to Munshiganj from Narayanganj, the district will come under the railway network. It will make communication for the inhabitants of Munshiganj easier and faster. Dhaka has extended towards the north up to Gajipur; and the capital has considerable scope for extending towards the south up to Munshiganj.

The future Padma Bridge will expedite the conversion of Munshiganj into a mega city. A few reputable realtors have implementing housing and plot projects in Munshiganj. It is high time the government started setting up railroad to link Munshiganj with Dhaka to make communication easier.

I like to urge the government to launch a project to set up railroad up to Munshiganj.

Md. Ashraf Hossain
Deovog, Munshiganj


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