Mawa marvellous

mawa1Just outside the city of Dhaka (barely a two-hour ride) is a place called Mawa. Located mainly on the banks of river Padma, Mawa Ghat (“ghat” usually refers to the banks of a river or other water bodies) is a destination that appeals to a wide variety of people.

Mawa Ghat has something for everyone, whether you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker or even a romantic who wants to spend a quiet, relaxing time.

One of the major attractions of Mawa Ghat is its wholesale fish market. The bazaar is popular for fresh supplies of fish, especially hilsa — a delicacy held in high esteem among Bengalis. The Padma is believed to be a haven for some of the tastiest hilsa fish one can find.

The market brings up the spoils of the mighty Padma. Given the love and avid enthusiasm Bengalis share for fish, it is not surprising that some people from Dhaka arrive at Mawa Ghat just before sunrise to buy some.
The hustle and bustle of the fish market has a very distinctive vibe of its own — the excitement of chaos. After that, enjoy the fantastic beauty of a sunrise at the river. There are many speedboats at Mawa Ghat. Take a ride around the splendid river — the refreshing air and a vast sky above combine to give you an environment you may just fall in love with.

And for the adventure seekers, flying over the beautiful area with a para-motor gliding can be a great idea. While it is true that such services are relatively common in many countries and you have already experienced it, it is still something to try out at Mawa, because what matters is the unique view every area has to offer: the people, the roads, the greens, the waters and the tiny islands (known as ‘char’ in Bengali) provide a breathtaking and thrilling experience indeed.

On the other hand, you might want to stay on one of the resorts. Padma Resort, for example, is a refreshing change from the chaotic city life, complete with activities such as river rides, playing football and volleyball and horse rides, amongst others.

Mawa Ghat may not be as common a tourist destination as other places like Cox’s Bazaar. It is an unspoiled gem filled with amusing beauty awaiting your arrival.

For reservations at the Padma Resort call 01712170330; call +880171304008 to fix a date for para-motor gliding.


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