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osmanChairman re-elected for keeping his promises
Osman Gani Talukdar has kept his promise to his constituents. Five years ago, he had pledged not to enjoy any government facilities if he was elected chairman of Louhajang upazila parishad in Munshiganj.

Voters took him at his words and elected him chairman. Osman served his upazila people for five years without taking remuneration or conveyance cost from the government.

The people of the upazila acknowledged his philanthropic work and the fact that he keeps his promises and they elected him chairman again in the polls to the upazila parishad on March 31.

A garment businessman by profession, he did not take the fuel allowances allocated to him and opted for his personal driver to drive his official vehicle.

By adopting such measures, he saved over Tk 20 lakh that went back to the government exchequer.

Mohammad Khalequzzaman, upazila nirbahi officer of Louhajang, said Osman throughout his tenure as the chairman did not receive his monthly remuneration of Tk 20,000 and thus saving Tk 12 lakh.

A chairman is entitled to 180 litres of fuel per month for conveyance. Osman over the last five years did not take the fuel, which saved Tk 8.80 lakh more, added the UNO.

“Some people want to be elected as a public representative to pursue their own interests but only a few want to serve the people and the society. Osman is among the few,” said social worker Masud Khan.

According to cultural personality Sadananda Biswas, Osman never said no to any good initiative and never hesitated to give away money for a good cause. “He [Osman] gives stipends to meritorious students in the district from his own money. The students are selected by exams,” he added.

Osman has also been giving stipends to 300 students in the district through the Friends Foundation, a local organisation.

Talking to The Daily Star, Osman said when he was elected chairman of Louhajang upazila parishad five years ago, he had pledged to people that alongside implementing the government’s development projects he would work for them spending his own money.

“Accordingly, I have started the construction of a five-storey building for Louhajang University College. Construction of two floors has already been completed,” he mentioned.

He has donated Tk 60 lakh to GRSH Medical College at Shimulia of the upazila as one of its founding members.

Locals say that he even pays for the weddings of women whose father cannot afford to pay for the ceremony.

Salma Akter, lecturer at Baliganj Haji Amjad Ali College, said Bangladesh needs people like Osman who would help develop the country selflessly.

According to the affidavit submitted to the Election Commission, Osman, managing director of Vertex Group, exports garment and jute products.


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