Replacement sought in High Court

Tampered Gold Crests to Foreign Friends
A writ petition was filed yesterday with the High Court seeking its directive on the government to give new crests made with an alloy of gold and silver to foreign friends,

who contributed to the country’s Liberation War, after the earlier ones presented to them were found tampered.

Nasrin Ahmed, a member of a freedom fighter’s family from Srinagar in Munshiganj, submitted the petition with the prayer, saying that the crests, which were given to foreign friends and institutions, were reportedly not made with the required amounts of gold and silver.

She also prayed to the court to order the government to recover the money from the supplier companies, which received bills for making the subpar crests. The petitioner also urged the HC to direct the government to publish the probe report on the fake crests. Real crests should be given to foreign friends and institutions for recovering the dignity and image of the country, the petitioner said.

Petitioner’s counsel Manzill Murshid told The Daily Star that the HC might hear the petition today.


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