2 abducted siblings rescued

uddarPolice rescued two siblings from Munshiganj town on Tuesday afternoon, four hours after their abduction. The rescued are Mansur Bhuiyan, 50, and his elder sister Khadija Begum, 55.

Police also arrested an alleged abductor, Shah Jalal, 27, from a criminal den at Dakkhinkot Gaon in the district town. Mansur and Khadija were abducted at gunpoint by Shah Jalal and several others in front of the Diabetic Hospital in the court area of the town in the morning.

The abductors contacted Mansur’s wife over mobile phone and demanded a ransom of Tk 0.5 million for their release. Police raided Shah Jalal’s den and rescued the abductees in the afternoon.

Munshiganj Sadar police station officer-in-charge M Shahidul Islam said although Shah Jalal was arrested, his accomplices were able escape. Shah Jalal is notorious for his criminal activities and is facing eight cases in total, including of extortion and criminal attacks, he added.


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