Ensure proper use of Padma Bridge fund

padmaPadma Bridge project is yet another example of how government officials are more keen on using luxury cars rather than doing their job.

As the project is a matter of great focus domestically and internationally, so it naturally demands a higher level of attention and care by the authorities.

The budget for the total fuel to be used throughout the duration of the project is Tk 4 crore. But Tk 3 crore 61 lakh has already been spent for fuel by March though there has been no progress and no definite mention when the project will be completed.

After the project director was asked about the abuse of resource, his nonchalant attitude was really shocking. To him, it seems buying 38 Mitsubishis is no big deal, rather there should be 150 cars for a project like this.

He also found no difference between funding the project with foreign loan or local resources. But completing the project with minimal assistance from foreigners was the main challenge.

Furthermore no one knows how much money would be required to complete the project. It may yet again has risen to 26 thousand crore after the previous rise to 20.5 thousand crore from 10 thousand crore.

Monitoring over fund spending should be strengthened and expenses for fuel should be audited properly.


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