Gridlock of vehicles on both sides of Mawa route

mawaTr1The ferry services on Mawa-Kawrakandi route were yet to be normalised on Monday. Plying of ferries was disrupted due to strong current in the river Padma on Monday.

Some 300 vehicles remained stranded on both sides of the river and they are now waiting to cross the river.

Hundreds of people travel on the route are facing untold sufferings due to the suspension of some ferries. Due to the disruption in movement of ferries, economies of 21 districts of the country’s southern region are facing a very negative impact. Now, 13, out of 16 ferries are plying on the route.
Mawa BIWTC manager Sirajul Huq said ferries are now taking more time to cross due to strog current in the river.

He said it usually takes one and a half hours to two hours to cross 13 km long riverine route between Mawa and Kawrakandi. But, now it takes three to five hours to cross the route.
Meanwhile, No. 3 Ro-Ro Ferryghat at Mawa was activated on Sunday evening after it was devoured by the river Padma on last Tuesday night. The ferryghat was suddenly devoured at about 8.30pm on Tuesday, creating a deadlock on the entire Mawa-Kawrakandi riverine route. The ferryghat was re-activated shifting the ro-ro ferries to the Ghat No. 2 after 47 hours. But, the normal ferry services at the Ghat No. 2 were suspended. Later, Ghat No. 3 was set up some 120 yards from the devoured ghat near the Sea Boat Ghat. Except ro-ro ferries, all other ferries will be able to load and unload passengers and goods at this ferryghat.
Sirajul Huq further said ferry services on Mawa-Kawrakandi route is gradually getting normal following the re-activation of new ferryghat. No more delay will take place due to the lack of ferryghat from now on.

The BIWTC official, however, said three medium-sized ferries were facing great difficulties to cross the river due to strong current. As a result, operation of those ferries was suspended to avert any accident in the river.


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