Fakhrul calls upon all to get united for waging movement

fakmuktarpurStressing the need for waging a united movement to protect country’s democracy and independence and fundamental rights of the people, BNP Acting Secretary General Mirza

Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday called upon all to get united for lunching a movement.

“There is no alternative to movement to protect country’s democracy and independence and fundamental rights of the people. The government sustained only by using the gun. They became aware that they lost ground under their feet as people lost faith in them after January 5 election,” said Fakhrul terming the government ‘illegal’ and ‘unethical’.
Mirza Fakhrul was addressing a workers’ rally of 20-party alliance at Muktarpur in Sadar upazila in the afternoon.

He said that BNP’s movement was for safeguarding the country not for going to power. “We had fought in 1971 for the independence of the country and waged movement in 90s to free the country from the autocratic rule. So all should work unitedly to protect the people’s right,” he believed.

Mentioning Islamic thinker Nurul Islam Farooqi’s killing, Fakhrul said, “No one is safe during the regime of this government. Journalist couple Sagar and Runi were also brutally killed in their house.”


Fakhrul: It is high time to oust the government

BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said time has come to stage movements like 1971 and 1990 in order to overthrow the “inept” government.

He said: “It is the high time to oust the inept and ineligible government as the common people of the country do not want to see it in the power anymore.”

The BNP spokesperson made the remarks while addressing a meeting with local activists of the party at Muktarpur Ferry Ghat area in Munshiganj Sadar upazila on Thursday.

Fakhrul said: “The Awami League wants to establish the one-party rule in the country and has made the independence, democracy and religious freedom vulnerable.”

“The government want to stay in power forever. It snatched the voting rights of people in gun point. That’s why the people do not want the party to arrange any poll.”

He also claimed that the Awami League would not get even 30 seats in any neutral election.

“As only 5% people participated in January 5 elections, no countries of the globe accepted it.”

Questioning the government’s move to secure people’s security, he said: “The people of the country now cannot move in the streets safely. The Awami League wants to consolidate power by murders, abductions and looting.”

Echoing BNP Vice-Chairman Tarique Rahman’s claim, Fakhrul further said: “Those, who were against Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and made offensive comments on him, are now sitting in the parliament as ministers.”

Refuting to Sheikh Hasina’s remark that Khaleda Zia patronised militancy, he also said: “The Awami League has patronised militancy as it had begun during the party’s regime.”


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