Dispute over railway land behind the crime

arrestsMoghbazar Triple Murder : 6 suspects held
Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) members arrested six people in Dhaka and Munshiganj on Friday night and early yesterday for their alleged involvement in the sensational triple murder in Moghbazar of Dhaka on August 28.

Acting on a tip-off, the elite force personnel conducted raids at different places in the capital and in Munshiganj and nabbed them, said Mufti Mahmud Khan, director at Legal and Media Wing of Rab, adding that two pistols and three knives had also been recovered from them.

The arrestees are Al Amin, 25, Saifullah Siam, 24, Ramzan Ali, 20, Rubel Mia alias Sunny, Maruf Hossain, 26, and Shafin Laskar, 25.

During primary interrogation, they confessed to their involvement in the killing, the Rab official said.
The arrestees told the media that they wanted to kill Kala Chand, the plaintiff in the murder case, in order to reoccupy the railway land which Kala Chand snatched from their possession. But they shot dead three people and injured one as they could not find him.

On August 28, a group of 21 assailants gunned down three people and injured another at a house in Sonalibagh of Moghbazar.

The dead were Ranu Akhter Brishti, 28, Munna, 20, and Billal Hossain, 25. The injured was Hridoy, brother of Ranu.

The case was filed by Ranu’s brother Kala Chand against 15 named persons including Shah Alam alias Kailla Babu and six anonymous people.
Eighteen days into the murder, Kailla Babu, the main accused in the triple murder case, was shot dead in a gunfight with detectives in Dhaka.
The arrestees are cadres of top terrorist Zishan group and accused in several cases with different police stations in the capital, Rab officials said.

At the Rab office, the arrestees narrated how they got involved in the killing.

Around 2:00pm on August 28, Saifullah Siam, one of the detainees, met Kailla Babu on Rampura bridge and decided to kill Kala Chand along with his sister in order to grab the Railway land.

Later in the evening, Siam carried a bag with three machetes and met Kailla Babu at Hatirjheel. Kailla Babu also had two pistols with him at that time.

Later, the duo met Ramzan, Rubel, Shafin and Al-Amin near Banasree area as per planning and headed for Sonalibagh. Maruf joined them at the entrance of an alley in Sonalibagh.

They found Billal, Munna and Hridoy under a tin-shed in the alley and seized around 15 yaba tablets and 10 bottles of phensidyl from their possession. After a while, Kailla Babu, Ramzan and Siam opened fire on Billal, Munna and Hridoy. The criminals then went to Ranu’s house situated at the first floor of a tin-shed building.

Rab claimed that Kailla Babu promised to give Siam Tk 2.50 lakh for the killing but did not do so. As a result, Siam tried to kill Kailla Babu and also wanted to take control of the area.

Asked if Kala Chand would also be arrested as he was allegedly involved in criminal activities, the Rab media wing director said they were looking into this and would take actions accordingly.


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