13 killed in this month in Munshiganj

Munshiganj was known as a peaceful district, but recently the increase in crime has increased alarming

The law and order situation has alarmingly deteriorated in Munshiganj with killing of 13 people and rise in incidents of extortion, mugging and other sorts of crimes which created panic among residents of the district.

Of the killings, two happened in Munshiganj Sadar, one in Tongibari, one in Lauhajong, three in Sirajdikhan, three in Srinagar and three in Gazaria upazilas.

Rafiqul Islam, a resident of Kalibari area, Tongibari upazila, said Munshiganj was known as a peaceful district, but recently the increase in crime has increased alarming.

“It seems that the district has become a dumping ground of bodies as police often recover a body of a non-resident from beside Dhaka-Mawa Highway.”

Mobarak Hossain, a resident of Rampal area under sadar upazila, said law enforcement agencies should take prompt measures to check the situation.

Police said they had found an unidentified body of about 45 years from a pond at Sonarong village, Tongibari upazila on October 18.

On October 15, police had found the body of Sawad Dewan, 6, from a ditch. Later, police came to know that the kid was strangled by his step father over family feud on October 13. On October 8, police found the body of an unidentified woman of around50 years of age, from Kalidas Sagor, a tributary of the Daleswary River.

On October 7, the body of Sufia Begum, 50, a resident of Bhaberchar College road area, was discovered from a paddy field.

Police arrested two people identified as Akram, 23, and Shafiuddin, 47, for their alleged involvement with killing.

Police Super, Munshiganj Biplob Bijoy said law and order in the district remained stable and they had arrested peopleinvolved in the killings.


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