Dense fog disrupts ferry services on Shimulia route

Ferry services disrupted owing to dense fog on the Shimulia-Kawrakandi route of the Padma river has resumed after a gap of around 12 hours on Wednesday.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) Simulia Ghat Assistant Manager (commerce) Shekhar Chandra Roy confirmed it, saying the disruption happened around 9.45pm on Tuesday and the normalcy returned there at about 10am on Wednesday.

Due to the dense fog, the marking points and the beacons could not be seen and so nine ferries-Birshestra Ruhul Amin, Kalmi Lata, Karabi, Roypura, Thobal, Raniganj, Ranikhet, Lenting and Taplu left from both ghats had been forced to anchor on the middle point of the river.

About 2,000 passengers had to pass the night in the middle of the river. There were about 500 hundred vehicles got stuck on both sides because of the disruption, creating immense suffering to the commuters.


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