Dialogue cannot snuff out terrorism: Noor

Minister for Cultural Affairs Asaduzzaman Noor, MP, referring to the current spate of violence and arson by opposition political activists belonging to the BNP-Jamaat-led 20-Party Alliance said, “Many countries were advising us to go for a dialogue. But they should remember that such a situation could be created by spending a hundred crore takas. If this was entertained disgruntled opposition parties in future would use the same tactics and do the same thing. Was it wise to create such a precedent?”

The minister was inaugurating a week-long theater festival at the local Shilpakala Academy, here.

Noor explained the situation, “It was hard to believe that forces inimical to independence could still roam around freely in this country and go around killing people.”

Trying to understand the rationale for the arson the minister said, “We would have understood if the targets were Awami League people. But that is not so. It was apolitical people who had no involvement with politics who were being targeted. What is the point?”

Drawing a simile with the burning of a Jordanian by IS (Islamic State) militants he said, “I’ve seen the video on You Tube. It is truly tragic. The whole world was outraged by it. But what about us? Every day people were being burned to death but nobody seemed to care. Why was that?


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