Hartal, blockade fail to create any impact in Munshiganj

The ongoing countrywide blockade together with off and on hartal, enforced by the BNP-led 20-party alliance, so far has not been able to put any significant impact on the activities of the district.

All kinds of business activities including vehicular movement are going on smoothly without any disruption here in the district as most of the leaders and supporters of BNP and Jamaat went into hiding to avoid arrest for which their achievement in the movement is almost zero.

Actually, businesses-factories, shops and markets, are running in full swing during the hartal and blockade. Leaders of BNP and Jamaat have also been running their respective business farms, mills and factories in defiance of the shutdown, sources said.

As a result, no political programme was implemented in the district. Even passengers vehicles-owned by BNP leaders are running during the hartals. It is found that district top BNP leaders are passing warm days running their respective business farms and mills-factories during hartal and blockade. Though some political programmes were performed in the town during the political movement, but there were no such activities in the upazilas.

Police sources said, police arrested some leaders for their involvement in sabotage activities including arson attacks, hurling of crude bombs. Several cases were filed against JCD district secretary Md Masud Rana, JCD president Arif Ahmed, Secretary Al-Amin, upazila unit president Md Mahsin.


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