84 bailey bridges across Munshiganj in bad shape

No fund allotted for repairing
Around 84 bailey bridges on important roads in the district have been posing a serious threat to traffic. But the authorities concerned said they have no fund allocation for repairing the risky bridges.

Due to over-use and lack of timely repair, the bailey bridges are now in dilapidated condition, and vehicles cross it amid high risk.

Motorised vehicles like human haulers, trucks and buses often meet tragic road accidents while they move on such bridges.

According to sources, there are 84 bailey bridges under Roads and Highways Department (RHD) in different upazilas of the district. But all of the bridges are now in deplorable condition. But no measures have yet been taken for repairing the bridges due to lack of fund.

A visit to the areas revealed that the bailey bridges on Munshirhat-Chitolia road in Sadar upazila, Randunibari bridge in Tongibari upazila, Tongibari Bazaar bridge, Maliranko bridge in Lauhojang upazila, two bridges in Srinagar upazila and Kakoldi bridge of Sirajdikhan upazila were in serious condition, with their fishplates remaining patched up somehow, and nuts and bolts falling apart from the bridges.

Recently, a bailey bridge in Outshahi area in Tongibari upazila collapsed with a goods-laden truck. Later, the authorities concerned repaired it immediately. But still transportation over the bridge is equally risky, sources said.

The commuters in the area said they have to risk their lives while crossing the bridge.

The sources informed the vehicular movement over the bridges poses serious risk; a large number of buses and goods-laden trucks ply over the dilapidated bridges every day, and accidents are occurring frequently.

Those bridges may collapse anytime, casing serious accidents, said locals.

Besides, bridge at Kashipur near the Samrat Cinema Hall point on Mukterpur-Panchaboti-Dhaka highway remains in very bad condition and it may breakdown anytime, locals apprehended.

When contacted, Executive Engineer of RHD Abu Hena Mohammad Tareq Iqbal of Roads and Highways said, there is no fund allotted against the maintenance of these ramshackle bridges.


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