Munshigonj needs engineering college/university

Bangladesh has achieved a commendable development in agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors during the past 44 years. We make ocean-going ships, produce cold rolled steel coils, and assemble air coolers, fridges, motorbikes, sedans, textile products and so on. Bangladesh is moving fast towards industrialization. The percentage of people below the poverty line has come under 25. It is expected to become a lower middle-income country in the next decade. Obviously, industries will need a huge technical and professional work force. Indeed, shortage of technical and professional work force will be a major impediment to industrial development which needs to be overcome. It is high time Bangladesh took appropriate initiatives to meet the challenge. A lot of industrial ventures like steel, dyeing, fishing etc. have been engaging foreign technical experts at exorbitant wages.

An action programme is necessary to set up engineering institutions, universities etc. to impart under-graduate and graduate courses in different engineering disciplines. Indeed, expansion of general education at this point of time will only inflate the number of educated un-employed, which is a mere wastage of national wealth.

Munshiganj is the nearest district town to the capital. One can reach Munshiganj within an hour by road from the capital whereas it takes more than two hours to travel from north end to south end of Dhaka metropolis. Munshiganj can be a good destination for setting up a full-fledged engineering college to impart undergraduate engineering education. Thousands of students at higher secondary level are interested to study engineering. An engineering institution or university could be set up near Dhaka-Mawa highway in Munshiganj or at Munshiganj town.

We urge upon the government to set up an engineering college or university in Munshiganj on priority basis.

Ziaun Nahar
Nasim kutir, Deovoug, Munshiganj Town.

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