25 families fear eviction in Srinagar

About 25 families of Srinagar upazila in the district are fearful of eviction from their homesteads by a section of land grabbers.

Sources said 25 helpless families have been living in the lands for 35-40 years after taking lease from the government. They updated lease period in 2009 while lease of some other lands was updated in 2014.
But land grabbers claimed that they took lease of the lands from the government in 2010.

One lease-holder Lipi Begum said, “The land grabbers have evicted us from our house, forcing to live under the open sky. They also threatened to kill us, if we protest.”

Another leased land owner Kamola Begum said, “If the government don’t take any action in this regard, 25-30 families will have to live under the open sky.”

One of the land grabbers Abdur Rab said, “We got the lease from the government as per rule.”

Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Ramendra Biswas said, “I don’t know how the higher authorities leased out a piece of land that was already given to a person.”


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