Clergies ban girls’ attending school in Srinagar

Clergies of mosques at five villages in Sreenagar of Munshiganj banned all the girls in the localities to attend a schools following sexual assault to a teenage girl on her way home from the school at.

Some local gangsters molested a class IX student of Rushdi High School on her way home after observing Ekushey programme at school on February 21.

Rushdi High School at Sreenagar of Munshiganj.

Locals said victim’s family wanted trial of the attackers on the girl at local mediation in the evening but a local influential, Asharaf Hawladar, of Bagbari village, stood by the criminals saying any girl walking along the adjacent roads would be forced to marry the local boys.

The comment immediately triggered the clash which injured at least eight people.

Next day victim’s brother filed a case with Shreenagar police station over the matter, said officer-in-charge of Shreebagar police station Shahidur Rahman.

The matter was to be solved in local mediation (Shalish) but they locked into clash, he said.

After the clash at night around 10:00pm the clergies of local mosques of Pachaldia, Bangaon, Bibandi and Tuniamandra villages announced a ban for girls to attend the Rushdi High School, he added.

A spot visit to the school on Tuesday found almost no girl student.

The school’s acting headmaster Pabitra Kumar Sarkar said the assault on the girl took place outside the school premises. He said very few girls attended classes on Tuesday and the teachers of the school are trying to take back the girls to school convincing their guardians.


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