Sirajdikhan: Man becomes millionaire throuh fish farming

Abu Sayed Khan of Madhyapara village under Sirajdikhan upazila of the district has become millionaire through farming fish.

He started the fish cultivation in a pond in 2008 after selling a cow at Tk 30,000. Now, he is cultivating fish in 24 ponds. From his childhood, he used to catch fish from open water bodies and sell those in the market.

Abu Syed Khan leased a 40-decimal pond at Tk 8,000 in Madhyapara village in 2008. He started to cultivate different fishes in the pond and after selling those in the market, earned Tk 50,000 as net profit.

From 2009, the scope of his fish cultivation gradually increased. In 2009, he cultivated fish in three ponds while it was eight in 2010, 10 in 2011, and 12 in 2012. In this way, the number of ponds increased, and now he is cultivating fish in 24 ponds located on 20 acres of lands.

He has leased the ponds at Tk 15 lakh for each year. He is cultivating different fishes in the ponds. He is catching fish every day. These fishes are sent to Taltalaghat and Sirajdikhan Bazaar of Sirajdikhan upazila, Rikabi Bazaar of Sadar upazila, Chhonbari of Sreenagar upazila, Mawa of Louhajang upazila, and Jatrabari and Karwan Bazaar of Dhaka city.

In the meantime, he bought pickup van and auto-rickshaw and employed six staff at monthly payment. He is selling fish worth about Tk 4 to 5 lakh per month. In the Bengali months of Chaitra, Baishakh and Jaistha, he sold fish worth about Tk 60 lakh.

Abu Sayed said, “This time is the full season of fishing. After releasing fish fry in pond, these can be sold after three months.”

Proprietor of Mayer Doa Matsya Bhander Abu Sayed Khan said, “I am getting profited by selling fish fry also. After selling the fish fry, I keep some for cultivation. With the money earned from the sale of fish fry, I collect fish feed. With the money earned from the sale of fish, I have built two houses at Tk 25 lakh.”

Senior Fisheries Officer of Sirajdikhan upazila Muhammad Nasir Uddin said, “Abu Sayed is a successful fish farmer. We are helping him by providing advice always. For earning profit, we are assisting him with modern technology.”
District Fisheries Officer Dr Md Oliur Rahman said, “Abu Sayed developed his fish cultivation gradually. For the last two years, we are keeping him under our observation. As fish feed, he mixes salt with boiled potato. Now, he is cultivating fish in larger dimension.”


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