Village Paisa developed with Japanese yen

Md. Mozammel Hossain: The name of the village is Paisha which is located under Boultali union in Louhajang upazila of the district.

The village has been developed with Japanese yen since more than one member from almost each family of the village is Japan expatriate.

Though there are some more expatriates from other villages including Maijgawon and Shurpara under the union, but the most are from Paisha village. But, day after day, the number of Japan expatriate is decreasing.

The violent tornado of 1995 destroyed Paisha and Maijgawon villages when 10 people were killed. But, with the financial support of the Japan expatriates, the Paisa village recovered from the effect of the tornado.

Almost each house of the village has been built with the foreign currency earned by Japan expatriates. The houses are costly and attract all very much.

In Paisa village, eminent litterateur and Editor of the Daily Kaler Kantha Imdadul Haque Milon and Director of Asian Hockey Federation’s working committee, Vice-President of Bangladesh Hockey Federation and General Secretary of Usha Krira Chakra Abdur Rashid Sikder were born.

In 1987, Faruk Bepary and Malek Sareng first went to Japan from the village. After this, with the help of Faruk Bepary, Ahsan, Mozaffar Kazi, Badal Chaklader, Babul Sheikh and Malek Sareng, people started to go to Japan at Tk 50,000 to 60,000. Later, around 3,000 to 4,000 people of Paisa and Maijgawon villages went to Japan.

From each family, five to eight members went to Japan. During �90s, many expatriates returned Bangladesh due to different conditions of Japan Government. But still around 400 to 500 people of Boutali union are in Japan. Of them, a few hundred are from Paisa village. Many have taken their families to Japan.

Some are doing business after returning Bangladesh while many are living in Korea, Italy, Malaysia and other countries.
With the expatriates’ money, the face of the villages has changed. Many attractive houses have been built. But, the owners of the houses and even their relatives do not stay there. Some houses are under lock and key while some are being taken care of by their relatives. Most of the house owners live in Dhaka who have businesses there.

Meanwhile, the expatriates are helping with foreign currency at 11 villages including Paisa-Maijgawon, Dhararhat, Shurpara, Shashongwaon, Boultali and Naopara under Boultali union.

With the foreign currency, high school, Alia Madrassa, several mosques, Eidgah, and Shahid Minar have been built. Besides, the expatriates are helping the villagers in their various needs.

Nur Hossen Molla alias Sadhu Molla of Paisa village said, “I was in Japan for 10 years. Now, I do business at Sadarghat of Dhaka. Of my seven brothers, five have gone to Japan.”

Organising Secretary of Munshiganj-Bikrampur Writers’ Forum Tajul Islam Rakib said, there is much contribution of the Japan expatriates to the development of the villages.

Former Woman Member of Paisa village Mosammad Banesa Begum said, “The Japan expatriates assisted much in rebuilding the Paisa village after it got destroyed by the tornado in 1995. Besides, they are helping much in the development of other establishments.”

Headmaster of Paisa High School Md Anwarul Islam said, “Many former students of the school and Japan expatriates have contributed much to the development of the school. With their help, there has been much development in the villages.”

Chairman of Boultali union parishad Hajji Abdul Malek Sikder said, “With the money of Japan expatriates, many establishments including Paisa High School and Paisa Karamatia Islamia Senior Madrassa have been developed. Besides, new establishments are also being developed. The expatriates are engaged with different organisations, and they are providing financial support through these organisations.”


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