Munshiganj farmers show interest in tomato cultivation

The farmers are getting interest in Tomato cultivation as they did not get fair price from potato cultivation in the last two years.

They are cultivating tomatoes applying modern method and not using harmful pesticides.

Zila Agriculture Official said the tomato farmers are using bio-pesticides rather than chemical pesticides.
The farmers cultivated tomatoes in Munshiganj Sadar, Gojaria, Tongibari, Sirajdikhan and Sreenagar Upazila.

At least 40-50 farmers cultivated tomatoes in row system at the Satanikhil area at Dakkhin Mohakali Village of the Sadar Upazila. The cultivated lands look like tomato garden. The gardens are still looking green. The tomatoes are not ready to be sold. The farmers will start selling tomatoes after few days.

The whole-sellers will buy the tomatoes from gardens and will sale these to the retail markets in Munshiganj, Narayangang and Dhaka.

Locals along with the female workers of Rangpur are taking care of the tomato gardens.

Samad Bepari, a tomato farmer of Dakkhin Mohakali Village, said the tomato cultivation has increased as the farmers become financially benefitted from cultivation of the vegetable. They are not using harmful chemical pesticides.
Deputy Director of District Agriculture Extension Directorate Mohammad Humayun Kabir said the farmers are using bio-pesticides rather than using harmful pesticides.

Meanwhile, the directorate said Sonali, Captian, Manik, Ratan and Mintu super varieties of tomatoes are being produced in the district. The farmers cultivated tomatoes in 202 hectors of land last year. This year they cultivated the vegetable in 209 hectors of land. The target will exceed 300 hectors of land.


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