Locals contradict police’s claim about Munshiganj arms haul

Mozammel Hossain Sajal: Local people of Gazarikandi village of Charkewar union contradicted the Munshiganj sadar police’s claim that Mizanur Rahman, whose house was raided on Sunday, runs an arms factory or sales drug.

Police claimed to have busted an arms manufacturing factory and recovered arms and ammunition at Mizan’s house at Char Kewar Sunday midnight when Mizan was not present at home.

But his neighbours of the village said the empty and rickety tin-made house of the accused Mizanur cannot be an arms factory and they never heard of such allegation. Mizanur does not live in the house for a long time, they said.

One of his neighbours, Hazi Joynal Abedin, 75, said police called out him at 9:30pm on Sunday and took to Mizan’s house where different types of arms were kept on the bed.

“Police claimed that Mizan was an arms manufacturer, but I denied and returned home. After a while police came again and asked me to sign on three blank papers. I carried their order.”

Mizanur’s family does not live in the house, rather in his in-law’s house at Keware, Joynal said, adding that police entered into Mizan’s house breaking open the door and left the house around 12am midnight.

Omar Faruq, who lives in a rented house in the village and a carpenter by profession, said police called out him after 9pm and took him to Mizan’s house where they showed him many arms lined up on a bed.

“Police took three blank papers signed by me,” Omar Faruq alleged.

Both of them said neither they saw Mizanur carrying arms nor arms can be manufactured in the old broken house.

Two local elderly women Rahela Begum and Sharifunnesa said Mizanur was drug addict. But he was not a peddler and it is not possible to make arms in the house, they claimed.

Several local Awami League leaders said sub-inspector Raqibul Hasan of Detective Branch of police held Mizanur’s friend Salman along with some yaba pills last week. Salman managed to be freed in exchange for huge amount of money, they alleged. Salman frequently stayed in the house in absence of Mizan’s family.

Some relatives of Mizanur admitted that he was an addict but not a drug dealer. There were two drug cases against him, they said, adding that he was acquitted in one of the cases. They expressed their ignorance about any arms production in the house.

Munshiganj DB police officer-incharge Mohahad Yunus Ali said none should speak for a criminal. What Mizan’s neighbours or relatives say that does not matter, he said, adding that police are trying to nab the accused.


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