Munshiganj 3 : Multiple candidates from both AL and BNP

Awami League has three strong candidates and BNP has not been seen engaging in much electoral campaigning activities despite having multiple contenders

Munshiganj 3 constituency, encompassing Munshiganj Sadar and Gajaria upazilas, has a total number of 417,447 voters. Among them, 215,416 voters are male and 202,031 are female voters.

Awami League has three candidates, who are in strong positions and hoping for nominations. Despite having multiple contenders, BNP has not been seen engaging in much election campaigning activities.

Therefore, Awami League, naturally, has been facing internal conflicts in this constituency due to having numerous candidates.

Who are the candidates of Awami League?

The three candidates of Awami League are: Current MP and Awami League War Affairs Secretary Advocate Mrinal Kanti Das, former lawmaker M Idris Ali, and former district freedom fighter commander and sadar upazila Chairman Anisuzzaman Anis. All three claimed they would receive nominations and would work for Awami League forgetting all conflicts if anyone else is nominated.

All three of them have been running campaigns, successfully organized many gatherings for elections and have been engaging in electoral campaigning activities seeking votes.

Anisuzzaman Anis said: “The nominations depend on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Nominations are given due to someone’s popularity or personal preference. Nothing can be said in advance. Those who said their nominations have been confirmed are lying.”

At a press conference on Tuesday, he said: “I would not go against the prime minister’s orders and be a rebel candidate, if I do not get nominations. However, almost 6,000 freedom fighters in Munshiganj are hoping for me to receive nomination, sadar and Gajaria upazila Awami League activists are by my side. Therefore, if I receive nominations and elected, I will work for the welfare of people.”

Former MP M Idris Ali said: “It is natural for Awami League to have more than one candidate as it is a large and the ruling party. However, there would not have been as much candidates if it were the opposition party. Those who are hoping for nominations are conveying Awami League’s message to the public.”

He said he would still work for the party if he does not get nominations but activists believe Awami League has to nominate leader such as he if they wanted to win the elections.

MP Advocate Mrinal Kanti Das is optimistic about the party’s nomination. He said: “Awami League will only nominate those who are loyal to the party, which I claim to have been for 42 years. However, grassroots leaders and activists will work to elect the person who will be nominated by the party.”

Contenders from BNP and other parties

Former deputy minister and Munshiganj BNP President Abdul Hai is the strongest contender from BNP in this constituency. He was elected as the Member of Parliament five times. Besides, district General Secretary Kamruzzaman Ratan is in talks to also be nominated in this constituency.

There have been discussions amongst activists and workers about who the nominated candidate will be of the two, if BNP or Jatiya Oikya Front is in the election. Besides, there have been many conflicts in BNP regarding the formation of various committees and influencing the district politics.

However, district President Abdul Hai and General Secretary Kamruzzaman Ratan did not admit about the conflicts.

Abdul Hai said: “BNP is organizationally prepared for the election; however, we cannot participate if our Chairperson Khaleda Zia is not released or our demands are not met. However, everyone will work together for the one whom the party will nominate.”

District BNP General Secretary Kamruzzaman Ratan said: “I am dependent on the decision of the party, if the party nominates me, then I will work for the election. But if I am not nominated, I will accept the decision of the party.”

Meanwhile, Delwar Hossain might be the candidate for the election as a Parliament Member from Chormonai Pir. However, neither Jatiya Party, alternative parties, Islamic parties nor any of the left parties have any place in this constituency.


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