79 SSC examinees get wrong question papers in Munshiganj

Examiners noticed the old structure of the questions and notified the invigilator, who failed to take it into account

Examiners at AVJM Govt Girls High School distributed question papers from 2018 to Secondary School Certificate examinees, who sat for the Bangla Paper I exam in Munshiganj on Saturday.

40 students from KK Government Institution, 20 from Girls High School, and 19 from Rampal NBM High School present at the centre, were given question papers based on the previous year’s syllabus.

Additional District Commissioner Asma Shahin confirmed and said the exam controllers were notified of the incident.

“Hall invigilators who were to identify the error and notify the centre secretary are responsible for this mishap. The responsible parties are not to conduct any more exams,” she added.

The district commissioner had talks with concerned authorities and will ensure that the examinees do not face any problems regarding the incident.

KK Government Institution Head Master, Md Mansur Rahman, said: “This was a severe and critical mistake which can cause problems for students.”

The examiners noticed the old structure of the questions and notified the invigilator who failed to take it into account.

Tanjil Hasan

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